How to Order Amino Acid Therapy Supplements

We get requests everyday to order amino acid therapy supplements, including NeuroReplete, CysReplete, D5 Mucuna 40%, TyrosineReplete and RepleteExtra. However, the general public cannot just order these products (that’s why you can’t see prices or place these items in your shopping cart in our store). The reason for this is that working with a provider that is skilled in the use of these amino acid therapy products is critical to a person’s long term success and to avoid any negative side effects. (more…)

Dopamine Fluctuations and the Melanin Steal – Part 1 of 2

It can be very confusing and concerning for a person to get a test back with a “Critical High” or some correspondingly high number reported for their dopamine value. Often times, this represents what is called a “dopamine fluctuation” and is actually a sign that something is stealing dopamine away from neurotransmitter synthesis that must be corrected. (more…)

Mixing Tips for D5 Mucuna powder and/or Tyrosine Powder

Taking powders multiple times daily can be difficult, especially if/when one of those powders tastes a lot like pulverized chalk (i.e., tyrosine). We have hundreds of clients taking D5 Mucuna 40% powder and/or tyrosine (some at very high doses – 60+ grams of D5 Mucuna 40% and 10-12 Tbsp tyrosine powder daily) anywhere from three to six or more times daily. Several months ago we asked our clients how they mixed/took their powders; here is a compilation of their responses: (more…)