Dopamine Fluctuations and the Melanin Steal – Part 1 of 2

It can be very confusing and concerning for a person to get a test back with a “Critical High” or some correspondingly high number reported for their dopamine value. Often times, this represents what is called a “dopamine fluctuation” and is actually a sign that something is stealing dopamine away from neurotransmitter synthesis that must be corrected. (more…)

Mixing Tips for D5 Mucuna powder and/or Tyrosine Powder

Taking powders multiple times daily can be difficult, especially if/when one of those powders tastes a lot like pulverized chalk (i.e., tyrosine). We have hundreds of clients taking D5 Mucuna 40% powder and/or tyrosine (some at very high doses – 60+ grams of D5 Mucuna 40% and 10-12 Tbsp tyrosine powder daily) anywhere from three to six or more times daily. Several months ago we asked our clients how they mixed/took their powders; here is a compilation of their responses: (more…)