Sleep Disturbances

Everybody knows what it’s like to miss a night or two of sleep – the brain and the body just doesn’t function how it’s supposed to – our coordination is off, we hurt more, we can’t remember things well and we get moody and irritable. We need sleep, and we need it for many reasons. One of the key reasons is that getting enough sleep allows our bodies to rebuild and repair. Without adequate sleep, we slowly break down.

This is true for our physical body as well as for our neurotransmitter levels. Getting the rest you need can restore balance to your system. The real problems begin when someone has insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation. Once this cycle starts, it is usually self-propagating, which leads to less and less sleep and more and more imbalance. Luckily, restoring optimal neurotransmitter function will not only restore restful sleep over time, it will also allow your body to get back on a regular sleep schedule, which will naturally maintain proper neurotransmitter function.

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