You come into this world with your genetic predispositions already in place. However, research shows that what you do on a day-to-day basis effects how genetic predispositions influence your life. This means genetics doesn’t lock you into your fate; you have a lot of control how your genetic predispositions play out in your life. One of the many things that impact not only your genetic potential but also your neurotransmitter function is stress.

Long periods of chronic stress gradually deplete serotonin as the body tries to down regulate excitatory signals. Once serotonin is sufficiently depleted, the excitatory arm of the nervous system has free reign, often creating prolonged states of anxiety and agitation or irritability as well as sleep disturbances. At this point, many people say that they ‘just can’t relax anymore’.

With continued stress, excitatory neurotransmitters also become depleted; this is when the body just can’t keep up anymore and many people struggle just to get up in the morning (or anytime during the day). These people often experience depression, chronic fatigue and/or chronic pain.

Thus, getting stress under control is one of the key factors for optimal long-term neurotransmitter balance; using amino acid therapy along with additional stress support will get and keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

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