neurorepleteNeuroReplete is a product that is often used in amino acid therapy to help restore proper neurotransmitter function. It contains 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and L-tyrosine along with the cofactors necessary to convert these amino acids into serotonin and dopamine, respectively. On occasion, a person taking NeuroReplete may experience some side effects. The most common are listed here along with the proper solution. Additional side effects are noted in Part 2 of this series.

GI Upset Upon Starting NeuroReplete

The Problem: Approximately 1-2% of people experience GI upset or nausea upon starting amino acids. Typically, this starts with the first dose and gets worse with every subsequent dose.

The Cause: People that experience nausea or GI upset when first taking NeuroReplete are very depleted in serotonin.

The Solution: Talk to your health care provider. They need to adjust your NeuroReplete dosing so that you slowly increase the dose over time to allow your neurotransmitter levels to improve at a slower rate. Usually this involves taking only 1 capsule of NeuroReplete at bedtime and increasing the dose by 1 capsule every 3-4 days until the required dosing requirements are met.

Transient GI Upset/Nausea

The Problem: After the first week or two on amino acids, transient nausea develops in some people that lasts 45-60 minutes periodically during the day.

The Cause: A person’s tolerance to certain carbohydrates (usually grain-based) may change once neurotransmitter status has improved which can cause nausea when those carbohydrates are consumed.

The Solution: Rotate the foods consumed until the culprit is determined.


The Problem: Intense heartburn may occur shortly after taking NeuroReplete.

The Cause: If the capsules are not taken with sufficient water the pills may stick in the esophagus and dissolve. When this happens, intense heartburn may be experienced.

The Solution: Keep the pills in your mouth with water for 10-15 seconds before swallowing so that the capsules will easily slide down the throat. If necessary, take fewer capsules at one time.