Inflammation, Pain and Neurotransmitter Dysfunction

Everyone that has been in chronic pain knows that over time, it can get pretty hard to maintain a positive mood. Obviously, it can be pretty hard to remain upbeat when you hurt all the time. But recent research shows that beyond the obvious “I hurt therefore I feel bad” reasoning, chronic inflammation can cause disruption in neurotransmitter synthesis which can lead to numerous symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance. Luckily, these neurotransmitter imbalances an be corrected. (more…)

Using Amino Acids to Eliminate Cravings and Reduce Hunger

Everyone struggles from time to time with cravings for certain foods and/or a seemingly insatiable appetite. However, some people have these feelings every day, which can make maintaining a healthy weight and making good food choices difficult if not impossible. Amino acid therapy can help these people get their cravings and appetite under control. (more…)