Alcohol-Induced Neurotransmitter Imbalances

Anyone that has consumed alcohol has unknowingly caused several neurotransmitter imbalances, that, over time can lead to severe depletion. This depletion can induce compulsive alcohol consumption and set the stage for dependency. However, these neurotransmitter imbalances can be corrected, and once they are, the compulsion to drink can be substantially decreased.


You May Need to Decrease Your Hormones When Your Neurotransmitters Levels Optimize

Hormones and neurotransmitters are two of the main chemical messengers in the body and they affect one another. Interestingly, many people find that once they optimize their neurotransmitter function using amino acid therapy, they can reduce and even eliminate medications (and supplements) used to treat hormone imbalances.  (more…)

Artificial Sweeteners Increase Cravings – Here’s How

Close up of sugar and sweetener packets

It’s been shown that people that regularly ingest artificial sweeteners often eat more calories, store more fat and develop blood-sugar related disorders more than those that do not partake in these chemical sweeteners. A quick look at what happens when these artificial sweeteners breakdown in the body helps us understand why. (more…)